Cheglia – unsere Boreal 52

Cheglia outside

Cheglia inside

Cheglia is a Boreal 52, one of the yard’s appr. 60 built aluminium expedition yachts – a true Landrover of the sea.

She is designed for ice and high latitudes, but does excell in warm climate as well with her heavy insulation, good ventilation and unmatched  seaworthiness. That is a phrase often used for many boats. Don’t be fooled. We sail comfortably in conditions most crews on other boats would not like too much anymore ….

Unique design features are the watertight pilot house (why would anybody built a boat without one?), centerboard and shallow central rudder (Bahamas? Shallow rivers, bays? Beach? Ice?), the two daggerboards next to the rudder (watch us sail with the Parasailor – absolutely NO rolling in downwind conditions and very low autopilot consumption), huge water and diesel tanks, plus enormous stowage which allow extended trips to remote places.

We have a generator on board, which drives the watermaker and the washing machine and charges the batteries at anchor. Plus all the kid’s digital toys…

When sailing our watt&sea water hydro generator and or the wind generator produces all the electricity we need, once we sail faster  than 6,5 kn.

Safety features: Two redundantly installed autopilots (yes, two course computers, two hydraulic rams, two rudder sensors…) Radar, active radar enhancer, AIS, EPIRB, Iridium Go! and Iridium Sat Phone, liferaft, etc.

We use three sets of electronic charts, on different devices and have backups and paper charts for remote places, where you should not trust your plotter in the first place 🙂

Any boat is a compromise. An expedition boat is no racing machine, getting to places (and back) with no breakage is much more important, than anything else. But we are no slough, either. In boats of this type you are interested in 24 hour runs. Here is a table of different boats of similar size and what friends experienced/calculate/plan in terms of 24 hour runs:

Boreal 52:           170 NM

Garcia 52:           140 NM

Reinke 16m.       120 NM

This is an average of many different conditions and sea states and may be different for individual other boats, if much lighter etc.pp.