England – sailing into Corona restrictions, again

Warmest greetings from a very cold England (Lydia wore two down jackets on top of each other)

Yesterday we walked from the marina to Hamble le Rice and had an al fresco dinner at the River Rat. It was the first night, restaurants were allowed open after many weeks of Corona limitations. What a treat!

The day before, July 3rd, was Lydia‘s birthday and we had BD dinner from a take away Fish and chips in Warsah, outside on the habormaster´s brick wall.

Cheglia was unloaded in Southampton perfectly on time Thursday, July 2nd around 14:00.

We had a berth reservation with Hamble Point Marina. After docking there, the manager asked us to leave, again, because we wanted to stay and sleep on board. Which was officially not allowed until yesterday, Saturday July 4th, that was.

We were taken by surprise, and started calling around, until the very friendly Christina from Universal Marina allowed us in and arranged for a dock for our maintenance even though they have very few docks for larger boats. We can greatly recommend this marina with hard working people trying to find solutions and the will to help.

We will stay a few more days and wait for more suitable wind and weather to sail south-west, to Treguier in Bretagne.